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DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL Pest Control we remove and eliminate:
Insects / Birds / Rodents / Mammals / Vermin

At Savvy pest control-buildings we understand how upsetting it can be to find uninvited guests taking over your home or work place. With many years experience in pest & vermin control we not only offer a discreet and quick resolution to your infestation problem but will also help & guide you in the prevention of any repeat visits.

We respect the diversity of all insects & animals around us but when this presence turns into an infestation action must be taken to eliminate potential health hazards and distress.

We specialise in all aspects of pest control, including:

Rats in the home, garden or work place
Fleas carpet infestation at home or work

Mice control Edmonton Mice nests in the home, garden or work place. Mouse controller. We Beat Competitors’ Prices. Mouse Control: Pest Treatments for Mice Problems

Pigeons Control   Pigeons communal areas, public areas, gardens, window ledges.

Wasp Nests in lofts. wall cavities, trees, bushes and underground.

Squirrels lofts, wall cavities, cause damage to property by gnawing and nesting etc

Ants Control  ➤ Ants ants nests in gardens
Bees wasp nests in lofts. wall cavities, trees, bushes and underground

Cockroach Control ➤ Cockroaches spend their time hiding in cracks and crevices transporting diseases

Flies/Mosquitoes Flies breed and feed in unsanitary conditions and can cause diseases.

Bed Bugs Control  Bed bugs Easily transmitted, not regarded as disease carriers but can cause severe irritation to young and old.

Wasp Control Edmonton  Get Rid of Wasp and Wasps, products and expertise you need for residential and commercial control of hornets and wasps.

Moths Cloth and food moths identify and treat accordingly.
Earwigs Live in damp places and can cause damage to plants
Silverfish Commercial grain stores

Such infestations are common place and are by no means a reflection on you. Mice are indifferent to whether you have always taken great pride in your house keeping.

If they find themselves a lovely warm environment to raise their young, who can persuade them differently.

Savvy pest control-buildings CAN!

We will always carry out an initial assessment and will advice you of.


your options in full. When deciding on the most appropriate treatment our priority will always be to consider:

Vulnerable occupants such as children & pets
Minimal disruption to your home / work place.

Discreet Service our work will be carried out at a time to suit you.

Rest assured  Savvy pest control-buildings are available 7 days a week to take immediate action on your unwanted pests & vermin.

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